API Reference - DRAFT PLEASE :)


This is Clust API official online documentation. We have made it simple for you to generate API tokens that can be used to consume Clust's API.
The documentation is still work in progress, so for any question ? Send us an email at [email protected] . Someone from the tech team will come back to you asap.

Get an API token

You can generate an API token in your Clust account Personal settings section. Simply enter a Token name (Ex: My app token) and choose the required abilities. Don't forget to log in to your Clust production account to get a LIVE token when you're going live.

Clust Endpoints

API requests should be sent to the following endpoints :
Sandbox : https://sandbox.clustdoc.com
Production : https://clustdoc.com

Test the API

Once you have generated and copied your API token, you can test the API directly using this documentation page, without the need to use external tools like Postman or Fiddler. This simulator is using the Sandbox endpoint.
1- Click on the "authorize" button below 2- Enter your API token and validate 3- Select an operation and click on the "Try it out" button You can create your first Dossier using the example we have provided here.

Error handling

Each time you perform an API call to Clust endpoints, you should check whether the response contains an errors attribute. Example : {'errors': {'contact':'contact_not_found'}} . We recommend writing code that gracefully handles API exceptions.